Visa Requirements and Reciprocity Fees


Some passport holders need to obtain a visa and others may need to pay an entry reciprocity fee for entry to Argentina. The reciprocity fee applies Australian and Canadian passport holders. These fees cannot be paid as part of congress registration. The Reciprocity Fee can only be paid through the Argentine Immigration Department website and it must be done before arriving into the country. A printed receipt must be shown to your airline company upon check-in and submitted to immigration authorities upon arrival.

Do ensure that you check if you need to apply for a visa or pay an entry fee.

Visas to Enter Argentina

Need an Invitation Letter? There are two types of letters of invitation

No cost. Letter of invitation – for employment purposes
This is the case if you need a letter of invitation to present your company, institution or university. Take note that this will be a letter in PDF format without notarization. Not valid for Visa processing.

With cost. 200 American Dollars
Letter of invitation – for visa application purposes
There is a charge for this letter of invitation as it is signed by a notary. To process any of these alternatives, you have to enter your details into the system.

It’s important to complete this form early, all the process can take up to two months (the letter must be signed and certified by a notary).


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