ICSB selected authors from different regions around the world to award best papers, experiences, workshops, and a doctoral award. This year, we reached a record high number of submissions, which made choosing the authors even more difficult. We are happy to announce the winners of each category.

Title: Humane Entrepreneurship: Measurement, Dimensions and Further Research
Authors: Zong-Tae Bae, Ki-Chan Kim, Myung Soo Kang and Ji-Hoon Park

North America:
Title: The strategic impact of SME innovation activity: The relationship between R&D intensity and firm performance in the U.S. and Japan
Author: Linda Ross

South America:
Title: Fatores de Mortalidade relacionados ao Dirigente, à Organização e ao Ambiente da Pequena Empresa: Estudo de Casos em Empresas do Varejo de Vestuário
Authors: Alexandre Farias Albuquerque; Edmundo Escrivão Filho from Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS) – Universidade de São Paulo (USP)

South America: 
Title: Las actividades de innovación de las firmas jóvenes y su relación con el crecimiento empresarial. Una exploración a partir de la Encuesta Nacional de Dinámica de Empleo e Innovación (ENDEI)
Authors: Sabrina Ibarra García, Juan Federico y Hugo Kantis – Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento

Title: The role of NGO’s promoting refugee entrepreneurship: Comparing three institutional environments
Authors: Sibylle Heilbrunn, Adnane Maalaoui and Aki Harima

Title: The influence of individual determinants on independent and corporate venture creation in Spain
Author: Eissa Alremeithi, Maribel Guerrero, and Iñki Peña

Title: Determinantes que Guían las relaciones Mayorista/Minorista de Pymes en la industria de alimentos
Authors: Karen L. Orengo Serra; Maribel Ortíz Soto

Doctoral Award
Title: Beyond Wealth: An Examination of Minorities in Entrepreneurship
Author: Rosa Iannone

Best Experiences
Title: South Africa introduces programme on high growth entities to find employment generating small businesses
Author: Edmund Mazwai

Best Workshop:

Title: Sustainable Development in SMEs
Author: Smartly Consulting