Towards a New World Mobilized by Entrepreneurship & Innovative SMEs

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We are privileged to witness the emergence of a new fourth industrial revolution. Built on the diffusion of ICT, this new technological change is characterized by its speed and complexity at an unprecedented scale. Unlike previous transformations that were characterized by the emergence of a dominant technology, in this case it is a revolution where various technologies converge: artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things, 3D printing, nano- and biotechnologies.

This revolution will modify to a great extent the way we live, work and relate, giving origin to a new world.

The ability of the different countries to successfully adapt to this new world would critically depend on their entrepreneurial talent, both as a driver of new organizations and as a condition for the transformation of existing enterprises, by means of innovation. Innovative SMEs and entrepreneurs have a role of paramount importance that has to be resignified in the light of these disruptive technologies.

Research has shown that all countries have entrepreneurs and innovative SMEs, even in contexts of extreme poverty or State-organized economies. All organizations need an entrepreneurial spirit to be successful. Yet, entrepreneurship, both as a driver of new organizations and as a condition for the transformation of existing enterprises, is unevenly distributed. The same is true of innovative SMEs. Entrepreneurship and innovation have regional, sectoral, and national variations. Research and direct experience has shown that there is room for increasing entrepreneurship and innovation processes.

The 62nd ICSB World Conference, to be held in Buenos Aires, is a major learning opportunity; a fulcrum where experience and research about entrepreneurship and innovation in the context of SMEs, will be discussed, exchanged, and shared by academics and practitioners from around the world.

Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city of over 14 million people and recently it has been recognized by its vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. Therefore, it constitutes the right place from where to initiate this debate about the challenges and opportunities that the new world would open to entrepreneurs and innovative SMEs.


  1. Methodological challenges and new research methods applied to SME and Entrepreneurship research
  2. Women entrepreneurship
  3. Academic entrepreneurship, technology transfer and knowledge-based entrepreneurship & SMEs
  4. SMEs and family firms´ management (marketing, innovation, finance & strategy)
  5. Urban and regional perspectives on SMEs & Entrepreneurship
  6. Entrepreneurship education, learning, and knowledge dissemination
  7. Social innovation, sustainable & social entrepreneurship
  8. Entrepreneurial finance for new and growing SMEs
  9. SME growth, performance and internationalization
  10. Entrepreneurship & SME Policy, Ecosystems and National Innovation systems
  11. Entrepreneurship and SMEs in developing regions (with focus on Latin America)
  12. Intrapreneurship: Developing innovation through managers
  13. Creative Industries & SMEs

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31 MARCH 2017

1 APRIL – 30 APRIL 2017

1 MAY 2017
(Note: Starting April 15, rolling decisions will begin. All submissions will receive a final decision by close of business on May 1, 2017)

15 MAY 2017
(Note: At least one author, condition to be included in the program and conference documents)

1 JUNE 2017
(Note: Final submission should be an extended abstract)

ICSB 2017 World Conference will be hosted at the beautiful waterfront Puerto Madero. With all of the magnificent city of Buenos Aires at your fingertips, ICSB 2017 will be an unforgettable experience.