Opportunities for Students

The ICSB Academy and the ICSB Doctoral Consortium are great ways for students to participate in the conference and gain real value in joining new international networks

The ICSB Academy (June 25th to July 1st 2017)

Enroll in the ICSB Academy and your registration fee includes the Academy program as well as full access to the ICSB World Conference as a registered attendee.

We are getting ready to launch the newest edition of the ICSB Academy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The Academy is a week-long entrepreneurship education program consisting of an immersive cross-cultural and experiential boot camp followed by activities and workshops in conjunction with the ICSB World Conference.

With education as one of its four founding pillars, ICSB designs the Academy such that students interact with young entrepreneurs, researchers, practitioners, and policy makers from around the world. This year, recognizing the impact ICSB Academy students have on the world and its future, we have made global sustainability the theme of the 2017 Academy.


Doctoral Consortium

The Doctoral Consortium boasts a successful tradition at the ICSB World Conference. It represents an opportunity for doctoral students to present their thesis proposals and obtain useful insight into how their work can be improved and progressed, as well as an opportunity for bouncing ideas off of experienced faculty.

The workshop also facilitates the exchange of research experiences and new ideas in the fields of entrepreneurship and small business. The ICSB Doctoral Consortium is a meeting place for both new and experienced researchers from all over the world and is an ideal place to network. We encourage research students from across the globe to apply, but particularly those in the later stages of their research process.

Doctoral Consortium Submission Guidelines

  • A distinguished group of as many as twenty Ph.D. students will be selected for participation in the consortium. Attendees must be full-time doctoral students who are emerging entrepreneurship scholars and who will be pursuing academic careers in entrepreneurship. The consortium will feature leading faculty in the discipline and will focus upon both research and pedagogical issues relevant to the student who is preparing for a career of thought leadership, curricular development and disciplinary advancement.
  • Submissions must be typed and double-spaced with one-inch margins using 12-point Times Roman font. A submission file in PDF format is preferred.
  • Extended abstract submissions should be no more than 5 pages – excluding exhibits and references.
  • Authors are encouraged to specify research questions clearly as well as the potential contributions they envision. They should also provide findings and conclusions (if available) to verify that the proposal is much more than just an idea for a paper which may be written in the future.
  • The deadline to apply for the Doctoral Consortium is April 7, 2017.
  • Authors submitting papers agree that if accepted, at least one author will register, pay, and attend the Doctoral Consortium to present the paper.